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The University of Tennessee


"Great course. The instructor is very knowledgeable when it comes to UXO. He knows what he is teaching and knows how to put the information in a manner you will understand. I graduated on Sept 21st my first job I landed as a Tech 1 started on Oct 8th in Carrabelle, FL. It’s a 6-9 month contract and as a perk the company is providing the condo’s we are staying in. With the knowledge (the instructors) bring to the class and the actual hands on training we got from the field, I feel more than confident to show up on the job site ready to work."

- Adam Conaway



Dave Strange

"Not even a week after graduating I was on a plane to Arizona to work for Weston Solutions through Aerotek. Was there for 2 weeks, left there and headed to Salt Lake City, Utah for my next UXO project. Working at the Deseret Chemical Depot currently. Dealing with everything from Mustard Gas to Sub munitions. I have another project lined up right after this one. I'll reach Tech II in no time. I've been very fortunate to have jumped on a gig right after school. Networking with companies and people is a HUGE factor as well. It helps to be a tech savvy individual to. Everything I have learned from the course has come into play right away. It's almost as I am still in class. Learning more and more on every site and it helps reinforce what I have already learned."

- Jace Van Riper (UT-Relyant UXO Graduate)



"I was very satisfied with the training I received... The instructors were top notch! The course was excellent. Designed to get you from the classroom right to the grid!

I have since been employed steadily for SOC LLC in Hawthorne, NV, working Range Clearance, with visits to El Centro and China Lake, for range projects.

I can't imagine doing anything else now that I am in this field. Love every day of it!"

- Dave Strange




"My successful completion of the UXO Technician I Course enabled me to function more successfully as a safety and health manager at companies involved in UXO remediation. The course provided an outstanding extensive study of the mechanics, science and safety associated with unexploded ordnance of many different types. It also provided additional skills in heavy equipment and hazardous waste operations.  I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting a challenging, good paying and interesting life-time profession. "

- Charlie Phillips UXO Tech I